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Business suit – The Foundation of your Image

First step towards Individual, elegant looks of a business man undoubtedly is buying an ideal business suit. The best thing one can do is to order a suit from a bespoke tailor, who will definitely help you pick the fabric, colour and style of your suit. A bespoke suit will be your best companion on your way to success. Bespoke tailors take your body structure, eye colour, complexion, character and other minute details to give perfection to your business suit.

The making of a business suit in «The Imperial Tailoring Co.» is a fine process. It consists of many steps based on undeniable professionalism of our designers and tailors. In the past business suits were affordable only by the successful and wealthy people and tailoring a bespoke suit was the most authentic way to get new suits. In the modern world of big business and big decisions one has to present himself well. An ideally chosen business suit is the most loyal assistant of a successful businessman.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co.» - the best bespoke tailoring company in the eastern Europe offers a wide range of garments: individual tailoring of custom-made bespoke business suits, wedding suits, topcoats, shirts, trousers, overcoats and much more.

The advantages of bespoke tailoring

Sammy Kotwani, shrewd psychologist and a genius tailor, the founder of the elite tailoring company «The Imperial Tailoring Co.», is certain that proportions are the most important aspect of a suit. In this aspect, a ready made costume sewn by the best brand using the best available fabric can never be compared to a bespoke suit, which has been tailored specially for you by the best designers and tailors in the industry.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co.» focuses on a personal and psychological approach to the creation of suit for their clients. The process of tailoring an ideal suit starts with ideal measurements. In «The Imperial Tailoring Co.» the individual measurements for a suit can range from 28 to 36. Then comes the fabric. The quality of your suit depends on the quality of the fabric used to sew the suit. It is exactly why the fabric collection in «The Imperial Tailoring Co.» is more than six and half thousand carefully chosen quality fabrics made of natural fibres manufactured by the best European manufacturers.


Holi Mela 2012
9 March, 2012
Starting: 13.00

Holi Mela 2012 & 6 Th All-Russia Competition of the Indian Dance

Hope you find this festival of colors Holi in the best of your health and high spirits. We will be very thankful with your humble presence at Holi festival this year.

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