I am Sammy Kotwani, the founder of "The Imperial Tailoring Co." I grew up in a world of fashion. I started my career back in India already in my adolescence. Then I joined in the institute of silk and serigraphy under the scientific association of SASMIRA – one of the most prestigious institutes of India. I obtained DMTT (Diploma in man-made textile technology) and DMST (Diploma in Man-made spinning technology) from there. After a few years, being deeply impressed by the English fashion, continued my learning process in the best designing schools of London for a few years. I started working under the best tailors, who specialize in bespoke tailoring in London. I had a lot of clients from different corners of the world.

In 1990, I was in Belgium when I met with a partner of "Ernst&Young". He told me that in the future Moscow will present an excellent opportunity for business such as ours, and advised me to not deviate from my course and concentrate on making just custom-made suits for men. "If you make a place for you in the heart of Moscow,you'll stay there for ever", this is what he said.

In 1991, I started the company "Wintex International" and sold bespoke suits in embassies for diplomats and foreign businessmen in Moscow. In those days, 90% of our clients were foreigners. In 1994,my younger brother Jimmy joined me in Moscow, then my youngest brother Andy followed his steps in 1995, after finishing his studies.

The financial crisis of 1998 made us lose a lot of clients. We had to make a new business plan to survive. Then we thought – Why should we specialise only on foreign clients, when we live in this city? That is how we changed our strategy and started the fight for Russian clients. That is how "The Imperial Tailoring Co." was born.

In 2003, we opened our salon in the Gostinniy Dvor. The salon is decorated in the English king Edward's style. The whole process took more than 6 months, but the result is worth it. As designers and craftsmen of tailoring business, we have brought in a rare combination of sound technology and cultural and traditional essence of the English tailors, representing two worlds. Having started our careers quite successfully at a very young age, we found out that we can easily bridge the generation gap. We mix our broad experience,advanced technology and style. Being the experts of an wonderful craftsmanship, giving an intriguing image for all different age groups and professions.

Currently,I and my brothers Jimmy and Andy are managing our company "The Imperial Tailoring Co." in Moscow. We've also inspired our cousin brothers Tewani and sent them to do Excellent jobs in our fields and all of them are running their own franchises of our company indifferent parts of the world. Thanks to their efforts and success,our company is now established well not just in Moscow but in different cities in Russia and various countries around the world. The level of craftsmanship and professionalism me and my brothers have achieved together in "The Imperial Tailoring Co." makes us the most unique representatives of bespoke tailoring.

When you have a dress, made and designed for you according to your own personal needs, you don't just look ideal, but you also feel very comfortable in them. Being one of the best bespoke tailors and designers, we are very glad that we are helping our clients look at their best. I personally am very proud that "The Imperial Tailoring Co." had the opportunity to help more than 10.000 clients to feel confident about their looks and clothing.