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    The company Fintes belongs to the Drago family. The factories of this company are located in Northern Italy in the cities of Verona and Lessona. In the process of fabric manufacturing, they use their traditional knowledge accumulated through centuries, in addition to the most advanced technologies. This kind of approach helps them produce the highest quality fabrics.

In the factories of Fintes, the manufacturing of fabrics begins from thievery first step – processing of the raw unclean wool. Thanks to the unique technology of Fintes for manufacturing threads of higher durability and smoothness. Fabrics of Fintes are characterized by an ideal smooth and uniform texture, practicality, absence of wrinkles.The clothings sewn using Fintes fabrics are well known for their high durability and comfort.

The production volume of the company is about 1200 000 metres per year. For the most part, these fabrics are of pure wool, and mixture of wool and silk, Mohera and linen. The fabrics made by Fintes are now famous all around the world. The motto of the company is «Whoever care about their beauty and uniqueness, should choose clothing made of Fintes fabrics».

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