• Unique style
    Unique style
    You never get a second chance for a first impression
  • Exception for everyone
    Exception for everyone
    Perfect costume created for just its owner only
  • Name molds
    Name molds
    Perfect costume begins with taking ideal measurements

Business suit — The Foundation of your Image

First step towards Individual, elegant looks of a business man undoubtedly is buying an ideal business suit. The best thing one can do is to order a suit from a bespoke tailor, who will definitely help you pick the fabric, colour and style of your suit. A bespoke suit will be your best companion on your way to success. Bespoke tailors take your body structure, eye colour, complexion, character and other minute details to give perfection to your business suit.

The making of a business suit in "The Imperial Tailoring Co." is a fine process. It consists of many steps based on undeniable professionalism of our designers and tailors. In the past business suits were affordable only by the successful and wealthy people and tailoring a bespoke suit was the most authentic way to get new suits. In the modern world of big business and big decisions one has to present himself well. An ideally chosen business suit is the most loyal assistant of a successful businessman.

"The Imperial Tailoring Co." - the best bespoke tailoring company in the eastern Europe offers a wide range of garments: individual tailoring of custom-made bespoke business suits, wedding suits, topcoats, shirts, trousers, overcoats and much more.

Individual approach
Everything sewn is based on the client's individual characteristics. Thus, customers receive not just a good quality thing, namely his own, perfectly sitting on a figure and corresponding to the taste and style of the owner.
Made with love
This is not just a job, but a labor of love in which The Kotwani brothers put in their hearts. Everything they do is filled with their enthusiasm and talent, approaching to each client as a member of the family, from the very bottom of the heart offering the best of everything.
Style and quality
As legislators of business style, we strive to create a thing corresponding to all the canons of haute couture with materials and accessories used only of the highest quality.
The Owners
Family business — the key to great success

The main feature of "The Imperial Tailoring " is that it is a family business and business that is truly loved by its founders - brothers Kotwani. This, in combination with modern technologies and the best traditions of quality, makes " The Imperial tailoring" a truly unique company, producing men's clothing, allowing customers to change their style any time in a different ways, staying true to their personality.

Sammy Kotwani
Sammy Kotwani
The Founder, a tailor
Great psychologist and a genial  tailor. Serious and decisive, broad scale risk taker, but correctly doing so.
Andy Kotwani
Andy Kotwani
Co-owner and the tailor
Ambitious,  conservative and restrained. All his actions are carefully considered about and analyzed in detail.
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7000 kinds of fabrics
Fabrics presented in the salon are made exclusively from natural authentic materials

We use only the most unique and high-quality English, Italian and Scottish cashmere, silk, mohair, linen and woolen fabrics from Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Charles Clayton. As well as we offer first-class ultra-thin fabrics of Super 150's and 200's from Gold Treasure collection interspersed with golden thread (22 carats), Diamond Chip with diamond grit or Lapis Lazuli.

You don’t wear a good suit — you live in it
Distinctive features of a classical business custom tailored suit
Excellence of fabrics
The basic material for sewing high quality men's suits is pure wool with a matte texture. Wool is expensive but durable material. Suits made of this material do not crumple and preserve a comfortable temperature for the body.
Perfect shape and fit
A good sign of a quality suit is the curved shape of the sleeve in order to follow the contours of the human hand in a natural position, since with the free dangling hands are always slightly bent at the elbow. Well-fitting suit should not "sit", but “lie” in the shoulder girdle like a glove.
Perfection of the cut
A good cut is noticeable by the anatomical shape of the jacket. Perfection is achieved due to cut, verified by millimeters to bring out the best in the figure of the wearer. It is even better, if the cut is made directly on the fabrics.
Quality of the seams
Seams can also tell a lot about the price and quality of products. If the seams are made strictly vertical and carefully, threads don’t stick up anywhere , and there is a tack in several rows at the end of a raw - it's an expensive suit.
Manual assembling technology
Stitch beading, connection of a board with under the board, processing of lining of shoulder padding seams and armholes, the top and bottom collar, hemming of the bottom of the jacket, processing of slots and loops- is completely handmade work. A special hand-stitch thread tension does not hold the jacket down, so it follows the movement of the body in the natural way.
Flawless assembly method
The frame of horsehair and textiles requires great skill and durable careful handwork. But that is the only way for the jacket to obtain a perfect fit, be comfortable and durable to wear. Multistage iron steaming during the process of sewing allows the material to take the desired shape.
Lining Material
A good suit should be fully laid on the lining of fine viscose, which is not electrified in contact with pure wool fabric and protects it from abrasion. Lining the best costumes is sewn by hand and therefore freer "moves" along with the owner of the suit, gives shape to the product and serves as its skeleton.
Quality of the accessories
The use of high-quality and beautiful accessories is a mandatory component of an expensive suit. As for accessories only natural materials of the highest quality should be used: horny or pearl buttons sewn with silk thread.
Working loops
The final touch - tidy, hand neaten silk thread loops. And surely "working", that is, the loops on the sleeves must be unfastened. Such loops - one of the first signs of good taste in a suit.
Noun stripes
Another important feature of a costume made by the professionals is a silk name stripe inside of the suit - an opportunity to emphasize that your costume is sewn specifically for you, means with love!
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The advantages of bespoke tailoring
Sammy Kotwani, shrewd psychologist and a genius tailor, the founder of the elite tailoring company "The Imperial Tailoring Co.", is certain that proportions are the most important aspect of a suit.

Ready made costume sewn by the best brand using the best available fabric can never be compared to a bespoke suit, which has been tailored specially for you by the best designers and tailors in the industry. "The Imperial Tailoring Co." focuses on a personal and psychological approach to the creation of suit for their clients. The process of tailoring an ideal suit starts with ideal measurements. In "The Imperial Tailoring Co." the individual measurements for a suit can range from 28 to 36. Then comes the fabric. The quality of your suit depends on the quality of the fabric used to sew the suit. It is exactly why the fabric collection in "The Imperial Tailoring Co." is more than six and half thousand carefully chosen quality fabrics made of natural fibres manufactured by the best European manufacturers.

Accessories play a very important role in shaping of image of a business person. After all, nothing else can emphasize the high status and elegant style of its owner better than skillfully selected high-quality accessories.