Tailoring of men's costumes

On your wedding day, it is important that you look and feel great.

When you select a bespoke wedding suit from The Imperial Tailoring Co. you’re not only choosing good quality, but also choosing good service. Our designers will guide you from the cloth and the lining to the style and the cut. We will make sure you look the best on your special day.

We offer a wide range of wedding suits for men to give you the opportunity to find the best suit for your wedding. If you want a Summer Wedding Suit or a Black Wedding Suit The Imperial Tailoring Co. has it all! We will help you design your own Groom Suit and personalize it completely to look good on you!

Offer the best suit to your Groomsmen

You want them to look as elegant as you. A bespoke wedding suit for your groomsmen will make you look even better among them. Share your joy and have fun designing the suit together

The process of a costume birth
A costume birth – is a mysterious action that is in a way alike to the process of pregnancy and birth of a child. Only the period of birth of an exclusive men's suit is 4-5 weeks.

Under the arches of the dark red elite salon, "The Imperial Tailoring", located in Gostiny Dvor, surrounded by antiques and original paintings, you are watching the mystery of creation of perfect things. The costume ideally suited to you. Costumes contributing to the image of a successful person. Costumes created by the technology called the bespoke, which is translated into English as "individually tailored".

Step 1. Visit the showroom
Our salon is located in the center next to the Kremlin which allows our clients to easily access us.
Step 2. Choose a fabric
During a pleasant conversation a tailor tries to understand who you are, what you do, what your interests are, highlights the main features of your character, and discusses the fashion of your costume and gives advice when choosing fabrics.
Step 3. Get measured
The tailor takes more than 30 measurements and makes photos in 3-projections. Not only static position of a person is taken into account when taking the measurements, but the way he moves, his posture, favorite gestures as well. Taking into account all the features of the figure and the personal wishes of the customer the tailor creates individual patterns by namely molds.
Step 4. The process
The tailor takes 4-5 weeks to prepare the suit with the desired shape, style and fabric as per the client’s requirements. The masters invest not only their professionalism, but also a part of their soul, so every bespoke suit is made specially for the client.