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Cufflinks have undeniably become an vital part of a man's wardrobe, back in the 17th century. They replaced the ribbon, which then was used to fasten the cuff ends of a shirt. In the beginning, the cufflinks were made only of precious metals, reflecting the status of the person who wears them. In those days, they were exclusively hand-made on special orders by the most skilled gold-smiths. Long gone are the days when men wore jackets embroidered with lace and a lot of jewels, but cufflinks have not lost their relevance. Today, they are firmly entrenched in the wardrobe of the modern man, who wants to look elegant and presentable.

In "The Imperial Tailoring Co." we know that design, quality and a sense of style are well known features of Florentine craftsmanship, raising the value of the expression "Made in Italy" to the role of the world leader. The company "Mon Art Internazionale" is a designer and manufacturer of fashion accessories made of metal. Inspired by the search for elegance, the company is very proud that they could ever offer original forms and innovative materials. The visible part of the cufflinks is of ten monogrammed or decorated in some intriguing way.

Cufflinks of "Mon Art Internazionale" offered by "The Imperial Tailoring Co." are usually made brass with different finishing of the surface, however, most of our product design can be made in 18 carat gold or sterling silver. "The Imperial Tailoring Co." delivers cufflinks of "Mon Art Internazionale", ensuring high-quality work, using a creative and versatile process.

Mon Art Collection cufflinks

Flawless image is composed of many details that should not be missed out of the spotlight. Ralph Lauren, fashion designer

Cufflinks for business wardrobe

Fashion accessories have always been considered one of the main elements of the art to look elegant. It is the details of the wardrobe that emphasize the individuality of the person. Today cufflinks – are the accessories of an elegant man, with the help of which he can create his own unique style. When you select this item, you must follow all the rules of etiquette, fashion and style.

  • Cufflinks should be made of precious metals and match the color of the other accessories -a tie clips, a watch.
  • Cufflinks should not be overly pretentious - cufflinks in the form of figures of animals, vehicles or other inappropriate style elements are not allowed to be used in a business wardrobe. If you prefer colored cufflinks, make sure that they match with a tie.
  • It is necessary to take into account the relevance of an accessuar for an event. If you are going to a business meeting, it is better to give a preference to solid and concise cufflinks without abundance of precious stones and patterns, but for the gala dinner cufflinks with a bright design may fit better.

Quality and creativity

Exclusive Mon Art Cufflinks with decoration, intricate patterns, enamel inserts, metallic colors - this is what lacks in your shirts.