The choice is enormous
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In "The Imperial Tailoring Co." we have more than 6500 types of fabrics, which are exclusively made from natural raw materials:ultra-fine wool, mohair, silk, cashmere etc. "The Imperial Tailoring Co." is the official distributor for the Belgian company Scabal – one of the leading manufacturers of luxury fabrics.

The quality of a fabric is determined by various factors, such as, the fineness of the yarn,which is usually measured in microns, as well as its length,elasticity, colour etc., All of these factors are combined into an universal classification "super", as proposed by the National Wool Textile Export Corporation (NWTEC). The figure 100 means that from 1 kg of wool 1kilometre of unbroken thread is obtained. That essentially means that 150, 180, 200 are of even better fabric quality. Among the different suppliers of fabrics, in "The Imperial Tailoring Co." there are leading Italian and English manufacturers: Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Charles Clayton, Dormeuil, Moxon.

Forthe Elite costumers, "The Imperial Tailoring Co." is very pleased to offer exclusive luxury fabrics Diamond Chip, Gold Treasure, Super'200 and Vicuna. In addition, any gentleman has the ability to order a bespoke shirt, choosing a suitable fabric from the huge collection of fabrics, that is which he is interested in. The professional designers of our salon will be more than happy to give you the necessary advice and guidance on how to properly match one or other options of the dress.

In "The Imperial Tailoring Co." we also provide bespoke tailoring service for making your top-coat, jackets, etc. And for this, we have a huge collection of top coat fabrics: 100% wool, wool – cashmere,100% cashmere, camel wool. Every client of "The Imperial Tailoring Co." has the opportunity to choose the inner lining and the model of the clothing, according to their wishes, tastes and trends of modern classic men's fashion.

Non-obvious advantage of fabrics

The collection includes ORCHID fabrics of merino Super 150's weight wool of 240 grams, ideal for the production of costumes that most customers of Scabal companies around the world will be able to wear all year round. The natural aroma of the fabric is unobtrusive, but it will remain after the most thorough cleaning.

Especially for those who do not tolerate compromises in the search for a high-quality suit, we have created a fabric with diamond inclusions. Microscopic pieces of diamonds are mixed with wool Super 150 and pure silk, and only then the spun is thread. And then incomparable fabrics are woven out of sparkling thread. It shines in every sense of the word, beautiful and comfortable clothing is made of it.

Fabrics from the finest wool of Australian sheep. The material is so fine that our experts immediately called it the finest ever woven woolen fabrics. This ultra-thin (about 12 microns), not mixed wool fiber. It is durable, has incomparable brilliance and natural comfort.

We use the latest technology with inclusions into the fabrics of platinum and 24 karat gold. We take ultra-thin Super 150 merino wool of selective party and intersperse a precious metal into it. The particles of gold and platinum are elegantly shaded by navy blue (midnight blue), gray (anthracite grey) and black background. Depending on the designer's ideas, the precious metal can reveal all its splendor or remain discreet and modest.

With the latest technological advances in the field of spinning we were able to add the rarest and softest wool fiber of vicuna and chinchilla to the fleece. Even Inca royal families appreciated vicuna wool for its exceptional silkiness, getting expensive and delicate thread. At the end of the classic weaving process coated London Shrunk is coated to the fabrics to bond the fibers.

For this amazing material only the finest Italian silk and long fibers are selected. Woven fabric undergoes the same treatment as flannel and cashmere, getting warmth and tenderness of wool. The result is a delightful and pleasant to the touch fabric for winter; its peculiarity is the natural warmth and nothing to compare brilliance. Ideal for winter jackets and coats to order!

Masters of Scabal managed to add microscopic fragments of lapis lazuli in the finest wool. The clothes of wool Super 150 can be worn all year round. Microscopic particles are obtained by polishing the stone. Until now, this technology has only been used by jewelers. The microscopic particles are evenly distributed on the material manually, securely fastened in the straightened fibers and become part of the fabric.

55% of silk is added to ultra soft wool Super 180, which gives an elegant gloss to the material. The series have 16 models with a variety of diagonal weaving. You can choose the fabric in gray, white and beige stripes, there is a classic coloring fabric, in dark blue tones. Material weighs 230 g per square meter only, so it is comfortable to wear all year round.

Now, according to the wish of the customer his name can be woven into the fabric, or even a whole sentence, with or without spaces. The phrase may be of any length - complete freedom for your imagination and self-expression. Weave your personal motto, words of love, the name of the company or club, or even a whole poem. A wedding date or birth date can be woven into the fabrics, and you will never forget that day.