Clothes in the Casual style

This style is slowly replacing the strict office dress code. Our modern hectic lifestyle is usually a little harsh and does not even let a businessman have the luxury and satisfaction of wearing strictly classic suits. Then comes the question – What shall we wear for work? Casual wear has become an excellent solution for such problems. Casual wear allows you to looks stylish and appropriate, in your office and in other places.

  • Casual wear is a style which consists of many different kinds of dress – Jackets, trousers and shirts which are closer to classic style as well as Jeans and leather jackets.
  • Classic casual style – this is trousers, shirt, pull-over with V-shaped cut and a jacket. All these items remind us of the classic suit by their looks, but differ not highly pretentious and formal. They are usually made of practical materials, and wearing them for long periods is easy and comfortable. This type of dress should certainly be included in a man's wardrobe.

Gallery jackets in the Casual style

Convenience and comfort in wearing, a harmonious combination with a stylish appearance suitable for a particular situation.

Comfortable and practical clothes for every day

Designing and creating a truly stylish casual wear is an art, which is in reach only for professional designers. We in "The Imperial Tailoring Co." are glad to invite you for choosing and realising that particular style, in which you will be comfortable and confident in every possible situation.

In "The Imperial Tailoring Co.", the process of making anything is thoroughly discussed with our designers, who in turn takes the client's wishes, specifics of his physique and lifestyle into account. All this serve for the purpose of making the ideal wear made by us to become your most favourite thing in your wardrobe.

Attention to details

The sincerity and attention of our tailors to every small detail and their professionalism and expertise will certainly make you happy with the results in the form of garments with unsurpassed quality. The prices and service will give you a pleasant surprise.