Tailoring of men's costumes

Costume –is a face of a business person. Every man wants to look respectable and presentable, because the appearance of a person often influences the outcome of business negotiations. It depends not only on our perception of other people, but also on the way we perceive ourselves. You will agree that a person not dressed in the best way, especially if it is clearly visible on the background of others, will feel uncomfortable and insecure. And it's not just the cost of the suit, it happens that an expensive suit looks ridiculous, not combined well with other articles of clothing or temperament of the owner.

Creating a business image is a very delicate process, requiring, in addition to good taste in-depth knowledge of the world of fashion, business etiquette, modern fabrics and garment production technologies. The designer must understand the psychology of a person, to understand what kind of things will meet his character, his manner of communication and behavior. We use this very approach in "The Imperial Tailoring". Attention to the smallest details, which later joins the general harmonious look- that's what distinguishes the truly professional designer work.

All the information we provide is from the first hand - be sure the designer, directly engaged in the production of your order, will answer all your questions.

To facilitate further cooperation, we keep record of all your dimensions, patterns, fitting samples, fabrics samples and photos of the ready suit in a special archive. In the future, if you would like to make a new suit, you can simply let us know and the suit will be ready as soon as possible. Our suits are made of the finest world famous fabrics manufacturers, such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Scabal, Charles Clayton and Fintes. Fabrics indexes starting from Super100`s to Super250`s.

Gallery of men's suits

The basic principle of an ideal silhouette - a simple cut, superb tailoring and fine fabrics. Ralph Lauren, fashion designer

Business suit individually tailored

The Imperial Tailoring - is official business style clothing, making men's business suits, tuxedos, tailcoats and other menswear, creating the image of a business person.

Individual tailoring service represented by the company meets all the criteria of quality custom tailoring. To create individual patterns we take more than 20 measurements and make 3 dimension photos of a customer. Unlike some tailors who customize measurements taken under the pattern, we create each pattern individually.

The company "The Imperial Tailoring" determines the privileged trend of style and makes it a demanding , a house of designer clothes specializing in making business individually tailored suits, shirts, tuxedos, sportswear for men.

Every detail is thought over

An original lining, buttons, pockets of non-trivial form - each item will be special and will emphasize your elegance