Tailoring trousers to order

Trousers have an ability to transform an image for better or destroy it. Quality tailoring, individual fitting of patterns and expensive fabric - the keys to your image. Tailors of an Atelier" The Imperial Tailoring" make individually tailored trousers , which fit perfectly, underline the status and keep your sense of self-confidence in any situation.

After fitting in our lounge or visit of a tailor to your house only three things are left to do:

  • Choose the fabrics. Material, pattern and texture are selected according to your complexation and the pattern takes into account the shape and style of your movements. We offer new collections of Scabal® fabrics, Ermenegildo Zegna®, Dormeuil® and other brands.
  • Decide on the cut style. Classic, casual, cotton or jersey –all trousers will fit perfectly and will give a feeling of absolute comfort. The tailor will consider all your wishes in style, cut and fit.
  • Only one fitting - and you become the owner of exclusive trousers, immaculate in appearance and quality.

Gallery of male trousers

Fashion is not static, but the clothes remain unchanged! Gianni Versace

Individual tailoring of trousers

Individual tailoring of trousers allows you to combine a variety of styles, the experience of the masters on international level and exclusive world of fabrics to create a unique business image.

Tailors of our atelier "The Imperial Tailoring" will take into account your preferences and features of the figure, and then choose the appropriate colors and textures of the actual brand collections. This can be a delicate cashmere and wool flannel of Scabal® or innovative combinations of Ermenegildo Zegna®.

Luxurious, perfect-fitting trousers will be your business card. Create an image of a confident and independent business person who chooses his own path!

Attention to detail

Trousers made of natural fabrics give confidence to purposeful steps of a respectable man