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The invitation to the event with the obligatory Black Tie dress code means a traditional tuxedo, bow tie and a white shirt. You can rent them, but the fitting will not be perfect - it is hard to look elegant in a tuxedo "from someone else's shoulder".

If in the XVII century, each element of a tuxedo had a practical value, today their meaning is lost. However, strict rules remain the same:

  • Jacket should be single or double-breasted.
  • Expensive, exclusive fabrics in black or dark blue. Scabal® luxurious fabrics for the occasion are presented in the collection: Diamond chip, Treasure box, Lapis lazuli, and others.
  • Lapels of satin only : rectangular, shawl or spiked. The tailor with advise lapels form in accordance with the type of figure.

Atelier "The Imperial Tailoring" offers to order individual tailoring tuxedo in Moscow to anyone who needs to feel confident and elegant at any protocol event. Freedom in color and texture solutions, ideal cut of a suit for your body shape, high quality fabrics and work of the best masters- all these is a part of your success. We create clothes that inspires to improve ourselves and the world. We create clothes for bright, strong personalities, to real men, to the best of the generation. We create clothes in which you feel ideally.


If you're invited to an event with a strict Black Tie dress code, then you certainly will need a tuxedo. This type of clothing is not every day wear, so it may just not be in your wardrobe. Of course, there are places where you can rent one, but this does not mean that you will look good. The best option may be to make a tuxedo individually tailored at "The Imperial Tailoring" company in Moscow. We will create a product for you that will fit perfectly on the figure and hide all its flaws. Tuxedo, created by experienced tailors of our studio will emphasize your status and give you a feeling of comfort.

A single-breasted or double-breasted jacket of fine black or dark-blue wool is usually made for such an event. The lapels are made of satin, the same material is used for jacket pockets and trouser stripes. Sometimes custom made tuxedo is ordered for a wedding, in this case, it is possible to use fabrics in white and shades of "ivory".


To make a tuxedo in our workshop in Moscow can be compared with a classical tailored suit pricewise, but has special features of manufacturing.

There are 3 types of lapels: Pointed, rectangular, and shawl. The type and size of lapels are selected taking into account the anatomical features of your figure, the number of buttons will be determined in the same way. Such attention to all details helps to achieve the best result. Trousers are straight with arrows and stripes of satin. Shirt is made with double cuffs and stand-up collar with turn-down areas. At your request, the front of the shirt can be made pleated. There are some rules, following which you will look stylish in a tuxedo and feel confident.

  • Cufflinks should not be visible from under the jacket sleeves.
  • Tuxedo is worn only with a bow tie.
  • Shoes should be black and well-polished, small heeled shoes should have laces and toes narrowed.
  • Cummerbund or sash belt is worn with folds up, and its color should match the color of a bow tie. Wearing a cummerbund is not mandatory, but can make your image original.

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Only the best for our customers

When sewing, we use high quality materials, for example, from Scobal collection. It allows to make a unique product that will emphasize your status.

Our stylists will help to make the right choice of material for the creation of a tuxedo. In addition, you can order creation of the entire image, including a shirt, bow tie and other accessories.

To order to making a tuxedo in Moscow, visit the company "The Imperial Tailoring". We can confidently declare that the products that are created in our workshop will be perfectly fit on your figure, not constraining movements, and help you make a good impression at the upcoming event.

Attention to detail

Irreproachability in every detail, elegance, luxury fabrics, personality - we offer them all in custom made clothes!