Men's suspenders

We cannot say with full confidence where and when suspenders were invented. Someone claims that they were invented by the English, someone thinks that suspenders are of German invention, someone is sure that suspenders were invented of the Russian tsar Peter I. They may all be correct, for in the beginning, this accessory with its simple construction, had exclusively functional purpose — that is to support the trousers.

To think of some thing this simple might have been happened in different corners of the world around the same time. Today, suspenders are not the stereotypical similar, but a modern fashionable accessory, which can be made of any material and be a stylish addition to both classic and casual wear. In "The Imperial Tailoring Co.", we offer you a wide range of stylish modern suspenders made of various materials. Different variety of design and colour shades will let you choose the ones, which will ideally suit your style and image.

How to wear suspenders

They say you can break the rules, only if you know them well. Actually, that is the only reason there are some common rules of combination of braces we are talking about here.

  • Color of leather on suspenders tips (those without the clip) should be in harmony with the color of the shoes.
  • Braces should be chosen to match a tie or a suit.
  • Solid braces preferably are worn with shirts in a fine pattern.
  • Patterned suspenders are worn with self-colored shirts.
  • Suspenders and belt are not worn at the same time - it is mutually exclusive things.

The alternative to a belt

Optional, but charming men accessories