Tailoring of men's shirts

It is absurd to even imagine a modern man's wardrobe without shirts. Shirt is a n universal piece of clothing, necessary in almost all situations of life - from business meetings, to outdoor recreations. For all situations of life, there are different types of shirts. Choosing a good shirt for a man is a not as easy a task as it may seem in the first glance. After all, a shirt should suit your figure perfect and give you a sense of comfort upon wearing. Sometimes, while choosing a shirt, you might have to check more than one shop to find the suitable one.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co.» can help you save time and effort buffering bespoke shirts of the highest quality. By ordering an exclusive bespoke shirt, you'll be able to choose the texture of the fabric and its colouring and the style of your shirt. In such a shirt, you'll feel confident and at ease in any situation. Our stylists will provide you with professional advice on choosing the right fabric and style of your bespoke shirt. We only work with the best fabrics from the world's most famous manufacturers. Each bespoke shirt is made through unique individual patterns after the taking all the necessary measurements.

Gallery of men's shirts

Try wearing a bespoke shirt and you will never want to buy them in any shop!

Custom made shirt

Elegant classic image is inconceivable without an appropriate shirt. Its collar frames the face and it is the best background for an expensive suit and luxurious and exclusive tie. Therefore, it is so important that the collar is not too narrow or too wide, comfortably fits across the shoulders and sleeves of the right length are of great importance, too.

Shirts sewn in the atelier "The Imperial Tailoring" fit perfectly on the figure. You do not have to put up with collar size for the sake of short-sleeves. An individually tailored shirt will not inflate on the back, and thanks to a special recess sleeves will not wrinkle in the armhole. In addition, we use a special design of the cuffs, emphasizing expensive watch or cufflinks.

Attention to detail

Custom made shirt will let find optimal options for cutting adapted to the peculiarities of the figure. You will be able to give unique features to each part by using buttons of expensive materials, embroidery or cut of the cuffs.