Repair/Alteration for customers
What if your favorite clothing has been damaged, or with passing time no longer fits you as it used to, because of changes in your body structure?


Not an issue! We are always ready to help restore the original look and alter your clothings to fit you well again, if required.

Please note that the clothing that was acquired from "The Imperial Tailoring Co." will be repaired by us for free. We preserve all the patterns and fabric samples, which can be useful in the process of restoration. Besides that, no one can repair the designer clothes, made on an individual pattern better than the person who actually made it.

The whole process of restoration and repair works or alterations of yourclothing happens directly under the supervision of the Kotwani brothers. Other than all the aforementioned, we are ready to offer qualified services on altering your clothings, made elsewhere. If you have purchased a luxury brand-name cloth, but that did not fit the way you would like, do not give up! Skilful masters in "The Imperial Tailoring Co." can easily cope with this task.