Individual tailoring of jackets in Moscow

Sewing on individual order – is not just a rejection of the model "factory" style. This is your philosophy embodied in the exclusive fabrics and impeccable quality of details. The company "The Imperial Tailoring" makes men's individually tailored jackets in a way it fits you absolutely comfortably: it is almost weightless and follows your every move.

When you need a luxury, perfectly tailored jacket, the formula is simple:

  • Make an appointment for a fitting in the atelier, or agree on a visit of the tailor's to your home or in the office. At the first meeting, you will receive detailed information about the exclusive fabrics and textures that will suit you.
  • Together we select the materials from the brand collections. On request, you will be offered exclusive fabric interspersed with precious metals and stones.
  • Come to a fitting, the tailor will take into account all the nuances and adjusts the jacket to the peculiarities of your figure.
  • Pick up the finished masterpiece - a jacket, tailored exactly for you. It will give a sense of casual comfort and feeling of absolute superiority.

Gallery of men's jackets

Jacket is the basis of the wardrobe. It should be well sewn, perfectly fit and be tailored so that you feel confident and comfortable. Giorgio Armani

Individually tailored jacket

Freedom of color and texture solutions, ideal suit cut for your figure, high quality fabrics and work of the best artists – these are all parts of your success.

We create clothes that inspires us to improve ourselves and the world. We create clothes for bright, strong personalities, to real men, to the best of the generation. We create clothes in which you feel perfectly.

Every detail is thought over

An original lining, buttons, pockets of non-trivial form - each item will be special and will emphasize your elegance