Individual tailoring of men's shoes

Exclusive shoes with unique design on individually manufactured clog - a clear indicator of the status. Only a true connoisseur of style, a wealthy man can afford leather shoes, not mass productive but made by hand by a professional craftsmen. For each model we choose exclusive leather materials.

Customers of "The Imperial Tailoring Co." purchase shoes by order for various reasons, but the process of ordering stays the same:

  • The first meeting can be assigned to a salon or your home. Measurements are taken, your wishes in respect to the material and the features of the model are discussed.
  • After 2-3 weeks, the clog is ready and you are invited to try a preliminary sample. At this stage, all the details are revealed, adjustments are made and carried out, additional fitting is done if necessary.
  • Then after 3 weeks your exclusive and extremely comfortable pair of shoes is ready to go out.

After the first order, we save the clog, which can be used later. This will significantly reduce the production time of subsequent pairs.

Gallery of men's shoes

Cheap pair of shoes - bad economy. Do not save on the main thing: shoes are the foundation of your wardrobe. Giorgio Armani

Custom made shoes in Moscow

The foot contains more bones than any other body part. Despite the fact that it has developed over thousands of years under the influence of different localities and climatic conditions, it still remains vulnerable to natural hazards such as sharp rocks or hot land, from which shoes can protect.

The style aspect of the shoes cannot be easily ignored. As many style gurus often say, Your shoes are what the ladies pay attention to in the first place.

In "The Imperial Tailoring Co." we know the importance of good looks and the meaning of comfort, in shoes. "Marzullo" is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of Italian shoes in the world. A man in shoes from "Marzullo" is free and independent from all external influences. He leads a stylish and elegant life style, appreciating his impeccable personality.

Handmade Shoes

Things with history are evaluated in the world, things that we can say are unique and rare. It is not surprising that the popularity of British handmade shoes not only losing its grounds, but winning new hearts again and again.