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The history of scarves and neckerchiefs has its roots in the distant past. The figures of warriors found in China in 1974 can be considered the oldest proof of the popularity of this object in men's wardrobe. The statues of soldiers illustrate the era of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (260 BC) in full ceremonial clothing. Each statue had a fabric tied around their neck that is no different in appearance from modern day scarves.

Scarves have been in use notonly in ancient China – In the beginning of our era, they were used by Roman legionnaires. In ancient Rome they were called «focal». A memorial, which was built in 113 BC in the honour of the victories of the Emperor Trajan Marcus Ulpius depicts warriors, most of most of who had tied a scarf around their necks with a knot.

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It is very important to select carefully every piece of a wardrobe. One of the most important –is a scarf. If you want to look stylish and be "trending", but cannot keep track of all the changes of this capricious lady, get a couple of different scarves. Everything will look advantageous with them, and you will be able to be spoken as a connoisseur in the world of fashion. Choose natural materials and colors that suit you, and you will always be irresistible.

Like in clothing, a scarf can refer to a particular dress code, depending on the material, shape and method of breeding. However, there are not so many subtleties as with a suit, or, for example, shoes.

The popularity of scarves and neckerchiefs has not gone extinct even today. This accessory lets you always look stylish and elegant. "The Imperial Tailoring Co." is proud to present scarves and neckerchiefs of the best possible quality made of silk, cashmere and other natural fabrics. Well chosen neckerchiefs or scarves, with stylish clothing, will undoubtedly become an object,which many will adore.

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Scarves and neckerchiefs of the best quality of silk, cashmere and other natural fabrics.