Tailoring of men's coats

Exclusive coat of fine wool or cozy cashmere will change your idea of ​​outerwear. You're not just going to look expensive, and feel the luxury in every movement. As part of the technology the production of a custom made coat requires not less skill than a first-class business attire. In this the tailoring studio "The Imperial tailoring" has no rivals.

We sew by individual patterns using breathing, natural, brand fabrics. We use strong threads, resistant lining and exclusive accessories.

We invite you to order:

  • elegant demi-season coat, which fits just as perfect as made to individual measures jacket;
  • exclusive winter coat, warm and almost weightless;
  • classical raincoat, matching perfectly with your expensive suit.

The first step – is a personal meeting with a tailor at a convenient time for you. You can sign up for a fitting in the studio, or invite a tailor to your home or office. Your tailor will help with the choice of fabrics, who will take into account the color of the eyes, skin tone and other individual characteristics.

Gallery of custom made coats

Creation of a top-coat needs about three to four fitting sessions, for the best possible result.

Men coats on request

Fall and winter cannot be tackled just by jacket, or suit. Hence, every man's ward robe must have top-coats or over coats for winter. Choosing your top coat for a business ward robe is not an easy job. For a good costume, one must select an appropriate top-coat, which will become an useful addition to your image. For the best match, one should choose getting a bespoke top-coat. In "The Imperial Tailoring Co." designers with many years of experience will help you create and ideal image. Creating a top-coat is a real art for us. While creating a top-coat, we consider many factors, such as the life-style of the client, his attitude, personality and character. We even consider what you will be wearing beneath your top-coat in the process of creating it.

"The Imperial Tailoring Co." does not strive to achieve any goals other than attaining perfection in everything starting from the selection of the fabric, up to the methods of sewing. We exclusively use only the best ways of sewing, staying away from the faster, but less durable machine-sewing for the traditional high-quality hand-sewing. Right from the beginning of the process of creating a top-coat, we involve the client in every step of the process.

Attention to detail

We discuss with the client every small detail, because, as we all know, there is no small details in the making of a master piece.